“Fresh Start”

The Curriculum offer for Year 9 students:

All Year 9 students will begin their time at CMAS School with 10 working days of assessment and induction. This will build positive relationships with staff, assess and understand levels of needs, assess and understand gaps in learning, work with young people and families to design a personalised curriculum with a clear pathway forward that enables the young person to re-engage in learning.

Students who arrive at the CMAS School Gloucestershire in Year 9 will follow the Fresh Start Curriculum (see table below). Following the assessment and induction programme, students will follow an individualised timetable intended to be broad and to re-engage them with learning. There will be a big focus on Numeracy and Literacy and putting this into real life situations, inside and outside of the classroom. All students will study all subjects and will study at their appropriate level based on their assessed baseline levels.

The curriculum will be taught over 25 hours per week, plus breakfast. lunch and break time which will be managed and planned learning time and opportunity for building working relationships and reflecting on the journey so far.


“Moving on”

The curriculum offer for Year 10 and 11 students

This will provide a clear programme with clear progression and qualifications at Entry Level, BtEc and GCSE, appropriate to enable each young person to achieve their potential.  The two years will have a very strong emphasis on what next –what will I do post 16 – and will tie in with the development of a CMAS post 16 offer in 2020/21.

For both year courses the following subjects will be delivered, with weekly allocated time

English 3 hours
Maths 4 hours
Science 2 hours
IT 1 hour
Literacy (phonics, reading and writing) 1 hour
Food (including preparation of lunch and serving/clearing) 1 hour
PE 2 hour
Humanities (History, Geography and RE) 2 hours
PSHE 2 hours
Art/|Design/Music 1 hour
Landbased 2 hours
Employability 2 hours
Tutorial 1 hour
Chosen activity (part of the Behaviour policy and rewards scheme) 1 hour


This will be combined with a social and emotional curriculum that will weave through all the aspects of the CMAS school life.